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    Fast and cold-curing dual component polyurethane road repair material

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Road Solutions

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Purphalt products are based on polymer modified binders.
It are fast and cold-curing dual component products.



  • Purphalt

    Purphalt | Patching mortar

    Reparing (pot)holes in asphalt layers. Ideally suited for use under conditions of (extreme) cold. Fast curing, resulting in minium interruption to traffic flow. Easy to apply without heating.

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  • Purphalt Joint - Crack filler

    Purphalt Joint | Crack filler

    Reparing cracks, filling joints and stops "ravelling". Purphalt Joint penetrates deep into the smaller parts of the crack, providing waterproofing. Optionional chipping, after chipping ready to drive over.

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  • Purphalt Sealing - Wearing course

    Purphalt | Sealing

    Fast- and cold curing wearing course (slijtlaag), which can be applied to any suitable surface. For example, an existing bicycle path or parking is provided with a new layer of Purphalt Sealing, which is sprinkled with a granulated color of choice.

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